Cabinet re-dooring is not a correct English term, but it is pretty self of course means cabinet door replacing.


I would define this service as a huge shortcut to cabinet refacing. The existing cabinet doors are replaced with new ones as well as the hinges and handles while everything else stays the same.





1. You really like the existing kitchen cabinets color 

2. You can get new cabinet doors that are an exact match to the color of your boxes

3. The budget is very limited

4. It is a temporary solution until you are ready for a full kitchen renovation

5. The modest value of the house does not justify a more expensive solution




1. You are planning to change the color of your kitchen cabinets. To replace just the cabinet doors and attempt to paint the sides of the boxes, you will be left with brush or roller marks showing a poor quality job and you will not add any value to the house.

2. The new cabinet doors are not exactly the same color as the exposed areas of the boxes. It will make the kitchen cabinets look like they are a poor quality.

3. It will not be the best option if you have a high value home. For the reasons listed above, the kitchen cabinets will never look as though they suit the value of the home. In this case, cabinet refacing or whole cabinet replacement would be the best option.

4. If you (the homeowner) do not know how to install the new doors, hiring a professional could be too expensive for the result that will be obtained.





Cabinet re-dooring is becoming a more popular service provided by few kitchen companies (that in my opinion) are looking to make a quick dollar...not caring about their reputation or the customer’s real needs. I have even heard of some companies, after replacing the doors will offer a matching paint and propose that the customers finish the boxes themselves with a brush.


Does a homeowner really need a professional to install the new cabinet doors? Not really!


If cabinet re-dooring is the option that is best for the situation, don't waste money hiring someone to do the work for you. I would strongly recommend the homeowners installing the doors themselves...there is help all over the internet ;)...yes you got it..... re-dooring is a good do-it-yourself job. Next step is to find a good cabinet door supplier that deals with homeowners.